【845Enews】X’mas’ Around Warmth Surrounds

by Yvonne Lin Christmas is coming! Do you have something to tell your classmates or teachers but you don’t know where to start? Division of International Education and Exchange recently set up a “Leave Ur X’mas Msg Board” in front of Mandarin Studies and Culture Center for guests, teachers, and students to transmit best wishes and express feelings! The ways people in lots of countries spend Christmas are various, and their true essence all lies in giving and sharing. There are numerous foreign students studying at MCU. We hope students are able to send blessings to each other through this sending-warmth activity. In addition, it provides one more way for them to alleviate their nostalgia and feel like home. Three Gambian students, Mariama, Madi and Barjo all said they are really glad to be part of MCU family. The first Christmas activity after coming here makes them feel fun and warm. They also know more new friends because of it!

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