【845Enews】Winning Second Place at 2012 TICA CUP

by Mei Hsiao 2012 TICA CUP, organized by International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) and Kung Shan University (KSU) took place on Saturday, December 8 at KSU, Tainan. Forty-one TaiwanICDF Scholarship students at Ming Chuan University (MCU) formed a team and competed against 16 teams from 17 universities. MCU won second place! For 2012 TICA CUP, four games were designed for the annual sports event to promote the interaction among the TaiwanICDF scholarship students. The four games were Bowling Ball Relay, Tug of War, Remember It or Not, and 1000m Relay Race. Demonstrating great teamwork and the spirit of amateur sportsmanship, MCU’s ICDF scholarship students won first place for Tug of War, and third place both for Remember It or Not and Relay Race . Almost clinching a championship, MCU won second place for 2012 TICA CUP. Congratulations to all the participants on their outstanding performance in the island-wide competition!

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