【891】June 16 to 20: Final Exams Sept 15: New Semester Begins

by Vickey Hsu Exams are coming up again, with final exams of this semester to be held from the 16th to 20th of June. There are some important notices that you must pay attention to before you sit the final exams. Unlike the midterm exam, for finals you may apply for leaves, if necessary. In the case of illness, hospitalization, compassionate or official matters, child birth, or accidents, students are eligible to apply for leaves (Please note that no personal leave applications will be accepted.). Students are required to apply online through the student system. In case of medical-related incidents, you must provide a certificate of diagnosis from the hospital on the day of the missed examination (and the certificate must be sealed with an official stamp from the hospital). Students should note that no electronic devices such as mobile phone, electronic dictionary, or other devices with memory function, may be used during the examination; they must be switched off throughout the whole examination time. Students must go online to the Student Information System to check the date, classroom, seat number, course, time and relevant information for each exam. Please print your schedule or copy the information down so you do not miss any examination. During the examination, when receiving the paper, please check if it is the right one by looking at the class, course and teacher’s name. Students must not enter the examination room 15 minutes after the bell rings. Once you are in the examination room, you must not leave the room until 20 minutes after the bell rings. All students must bring their student ID in order to sit the exams. If you forget to bring your student ID, please go to the Exam Center to apply for a temporary one. And finally, cheating during examinations is strictly prohibited. Students violating any of the above rules will face serious penalization from Ming Chuan University. Please be aware of all the regulations. Straight after your final examination is the summer vacation, and do not forget, next semester starts on the 15th of September. Good luck to all the students who are sitting final examinations; we wish you ‘All Pass’, and a happy and safe summer holiday.

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