教育部亞太大學交流會(UMAP)提供暑假期間前往日本、墨西哥、菲律賓、韓國、馬來西亞、蒙古或泰國的大學校院進行1-8週不等的短期交換課程獎學金,每人美金800元。申請時間至6/30(一)截止,詳請洽UMAP國際及國家秘書處(02)2905-6358 或email: umaptaiwan@gmail.com 或上網查詢http://www.umap.org/en/cms/detail.php?id=300 UMAP (University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific), supported by the Ministry of Education, is offering Scholarship Opportunity, US$800 per person, to local Taiwanese and International Students for participating in Summer Short Program (1-8 weeks) in universities/ colleges in Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia or Thailand. Application starts now till June 30th (Monday), 2014. More information, please contact UMAP office by Tel: +886-2-2905-6358, email: umaptaiwan@gmail.com, or website: http://www.umap.org/en/cms/detail.php?id=300