【967Enews】2017 Study Abroad Workshop

by Florrie Lin

MCU Study Abroad Program can fulfill your dream of studying abroad, expanding your horizons and competitiveness during the course of your university education. The Annual Study Abroad Workshop will be held as follows: Taipei Campus – at 12:00 on December 6 in E402; Taoyuan Campus – at 12:00 on December 7 in S104. Come and learn about opportunities provided by MCU’s international sister schools in the U.S., Japan, Korea and Europe for 2017-2018.

To apply, you must be a registered student at MCU, with cumulative academic average of 75 or above, and TOEFL-IBT score of at least 79 or a 6.0 IELTS score. More information is available on IEE Website (http://iee.mcu.edu.tw) under Exchange (Outbound).

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