【964Enews】Yingge Trip Registration

by Kuo, Che-Jui & Weng, Li-Shan

OISS is holding a culture trip to Yingge on 11/26 (Taoyuan campus) and 11/19 (Taipei campus). International students are welcome to join this trip to Yingge Ceramics Museum and the old streets of Yingge, as well as to enjoy the fun of making pottery.

Students who are interested to participate should bring your ARC or passport to register in person at the Office of International Student Service on either Taipei campus (2F of E building) or Taoyuan campus (1F of Q building). A deposit of NTD 500 is required for registration (to be refunded to participants on the day of the activity; those who are not present will not receive a refund).

The registration period on Taoyuan campus is from now until 11/18. For Taipei campus, the registration is from now until 11/11.

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