【922Enews】Highlights of DAE Week

by Lilie Tsay The Department of Applied English (DAE) at Ming Chuan University held a series of English language events from June 1st to 4th, inviting the faculty and students from its sister school Xiamen University of Technology. There were a number of marvelous contests: speech, writing, and karaoke. The group recitation was breathtaking and inspiring. Then, the very first ever academic briefing competition, which comprised 17 local senior and vocational high schools, had very favorable results. Additionally, the DAE Drama Class performed a play entitled Horatio’s Exit. Using P101 and P102 as venues for the many events, MCU utilized high-end videotaping equipment to clearly record every extraordinary performance by the impressive participants. “Senior high school students gained more understanding of our department by participating in these professional competitions. I knew the big event would go smoothly with the help of the well-drilled student staff,” said DAE Chair Dr. Lilie Tsay.

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